Since its first appearance on the electronic currency stage, Bitcoin has evolved from a crypto-mathematical concept (Blockchain) into an expanding economy. Wall Street Journal and Economist research estimate the Bitcoin global market to be worth more than 10 billion dollars. In a few short years since it’s conception, Bitcoin was adopted by millions of people and thousands of businesses worldwide.

One World Coin will focus on the rapidly expanding European cryptocurrency market, and provide culturally and socio-economical relevant experience tailored to this diverse region. One World Coin will capture market share through a combination of processes uniquely tailored to the community, innovative products, exceptional service, superior security, and leverage of technology to offer lower transaction fees.

One World Coin main products and services consist of:

One World Coin - an online cryptocurrency exchange platform. The platform is currently in development and is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2015. Platform will facilitate transactions between sellers and purchasers of crypto currency with incredible security, and trading speed.

Coinessa - a crypto currency most advanced wallet. It powers the One World Coin platform giving customers the ability to hold, send and receive bitcoin online or in the physical world.

One World Coin income comes from trading fees and a multitude of convenient deposit and withdrawal options for Coinessa wallet.

One World Coin is committed in providing a safe, compliant and reputable service to our clients. As part of the business model, One World Coin is setting up world-class compliance and fraud prevention practices, an extensive customer ID verification in compliance with KYC (Know-Your-Client) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) Policies. During registration process, customers are required to provide their information including email and phone, both of which are verified prior to allowing access. To fund the account customers provide.

Registered members from all regions and jurisdictions are required to verify their identities, prior to being authorized to perform any transactions involving fiat currencies. This includes the submission of certified copies of both ID and proof of address. Valid ID includes a passport or in some jurisdictions an ID card, subject to approval. Valid proof of address includes utility and tax bills not older than 3 months. sending or receiving fiat currencies to bank accounts, requires verification and approval of the the bank account prior to transaction being approved. User accounts have limited functionality (viewing only) until account verification has been completed. Suspicious transactions result in a Suspicious Activity Report being submitted to the relevant regulatory and compliance bodies applicable in the registered members' verified country of origin.

One World Coin uses two factor authentication for system access as well as email and mobile phone, and every transaction (for example: send bitcoin, add funds to wallet) is verified via two factor verification.

One Word Coin Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are publically available at